Gift Elite And Get Something Extra Back This Holiday Season

Building the habit of working out requires commitment and an app can really help keep you accountable. Help your friends and family stick to their new years resolution with Jefit! The holiday season is the perfect time to share what helps you along your fitness journey as many others will be headed back to the gym in January. From 11/29 til 12/31 you get a free additional 1 month code when you purchase an Elite annual subscription gift code. You can take the additional month and add it to your account or share it with someone else as well! Set your friends and family up for success on their New Years resolutions with Elite.

How to Gift Elite

Click here or go to the elite checkout page on our website ( and click “Send Jefit Elite Membership as Gift”. From this page simply enter the number of annual subscription gifts you would like to purchase and complete the transaction. At the end of the transaction an additional monthly Elite gift code will be added on for every annual subscription purchased.

How do I Redeem an Elite Subscription Code?

Click here or navigate to and enter the code that you would like to redeem. Make sure to check that you are logged into the correct account that you would like to redeem the code for before entering the code.

Use the Award-Winning Jefit App for a Healthy New Year

Jefit continues to win awards as the best strength tracking app for 2022 as its done in previous years. Jefit is a workout log app that helps you meet your fitness goals. By providing an extensive exercise library, you can pick and choose your workouts according to your goals. You can also join our members-only Facebook group where you can connect and interact with your fellow Jefit members. Share your successes, stories, advice, and tips so you learn and grow together. Stay Strong!

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