Teach Jefit How You Workout With Pre-fill Value Settings

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years it’s that everyone’s workout habits are different. In the latest update for Jefit we included some new settings that can be useful in personalizing your experience in tracking your workouts. Whether it’s reverse pyramid training or just the same exercise with different reps/weights on different days – these settings will help Jefit pre-fill your workout logs. Read below for more information on how to use these advanced logging settings and how they can help Jefit help you.

“Load Exercise Reps From” Setting

There are two options for how to pre-fill the reps field during your workout sessions. The first option, and the default setting is to pre-fill the reps field based on your last workout log for that exercise. This setting is helpful in letting you know what you did last time so that you can progressively increase the amount you lift, thus promoting muscle growth. Another option for users who may be using a personalized workout plan is to pre-fill the reps field based on the workout routine’s programmed value. Users who have pyramid or reverse pyramid style workout routines will find this setting useful as it will keep the reps consistent to the programmed amount.

“Load Last-Time Log” Setting

Depending on how you approach your fitness journey you may want to adjust which workout logs Jefit learns from. For users who have multiple workout routines for different purposes you may want Jefit to only apply the last workout log from that workout routine to your workout. Due to this we developed this premium setting option where you can adjust whether Jefit pre-fills your workout log with information from your last general workout log for that exercise or if it pulls information from the last time you performed that specific routine.

Note: If using the load last-time log from same workout day setting be sure to adjust the pre-set reps value for the exercise as to differentiate your workout days. To do this you tap into the workout day and swipe left on the exercise you’d like to adjust, tap edit, and adjust the pre-set value for reps.

Update your app and teach Jefit how you work out today!

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