Learn Something New About Fitness With Q&A

Want to learn more about anything Fitness?  While our blog content is top notch, sometimes you have a specific question. The JEFIT community is full of users who have been focussing on fitness for years. Head over to the Q&A section and ask about anything you’ve been wanting to learn more about. Whether it is adjustments to your workout plan or a question about a specific exercise, the JEFIT community can help.

Where to Access the Q&A

  • To access the Q&A navigate to the Discover tab and then tap “Q&A” which is directly above “My JEFIT Group”. From there you can scroll through questions other users have asked.  If you tap the comment icon you can see how the JEFIT community has responded to the question, or you can provide your own response.
  • To ask your own question scroll down so that “More Post” is at the top of your screen and then tap the plus sign in the bottom right corner.  If there is no plus sign try scrolling up slightly and the button should appear.  Once you have tapped the plus sign you are able to type your question and tag any relevant fitness topics to make your question more easy to find.  You can also attach any pictures that may prove useful to users trying to answer your question.

What to Expect

The Q&A section is designed for users to be able to ask anything fitness related. From workout routine advice, to nutrition, to help with your form the JEFIT community has the answers and are happy to share! For questions about how to use the app please check the product tips page first.

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