New Features To Support Personal Trainers!

We built Jefit to help support community members and empower them to reach their fitness goals. Sometimes a bit of personalized help can be the extra push someone needs to get them to where they want to be. Personal Coach Mode allows members to become coaches and provide that additional guidance that many of us are seeking out. Whether you’re looking for a personalized workout routine or looking for feedback on your form, a personal coach can bridge the gap between a personal trainer and a fitness app. Pair the extensive workout plan and exercise library that JEFIT provides with personalized care from a coach and take your fitness journey up a notch. Read more below to find out how to invite your personal trainer or how to find a coach in app.

Finding A Coach

We have a variety of coaches currently featured in our marketplace. These coaches are looking to help clients reach their goals with a variety of offerings and pricing available. From professional body building to home fitness routines to nutrition tips, these coaches have it all covered.

  • Navigate to the profile tab and tap “Coaches”
  • If you see a coach with services that meet your needs send them a message!

Why Should Your Personal Trainer Try Coach Mode?

Coaches can track their clients workout details from reps, weights, workout routines, consistency and more. Gain access to more data than ever available before to Personal Trainers and take a data-driven approach to expanding your business. Personal Coach Mode allows Personal Trainers or fitness gurus to expand their income sources based on their fitness knowledge without scheduling one on one time with a client. See more details on Personal Coach Mode here (site maintenance has temporarily broken the video demos, feel free to reach out to for any questions). Below is an example of some data that is available to the coach at a glance. Coaches can also see current body stats, current workout plan, current weight, body fat, and height among other stats. We envision Personal Coach Mode being significantly more time efficient than traditional training methods allowing coaches to take on more clients than they could before.

How to Invite Your Coach

  • First, navigate to the profile tab, and then tap on Friends/Messages/Groups
  • At the bottom of this page tap the button to invite a coach.

After becoming a coach you can add clients to your roster and start generating some income! If you’re looking for more clients consider applying for the featured coach marketplace. The featured coach marketplace is currently the only place to advertise your services in app. Reach out to for more information on how to apply.

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