Bent-Over Row Exercise: 5 Training Options

The bent-over row exercise is a staple in many strength training programs. One of the many great things about this exercise is it can be performed with a variety of equipment. Such as a barbell, single or a pair of dumbbells or on various strength machines. You can also use your own bodyweight as seen in this inverted row exercise. Let’s take a look at a how you can continue to build a good base level of strength with some additional training options for rowing exercises.

Barbell Bent-Over Row

The two option when using a barbell are a traditional bent-over row (seen above) as well as a reverse grip (seen below).

Bent-Over Row (Reverse Grip)

The only difference with this and our first exercise is the way you grip the bar. Instead of an overhand grip, switch to an underhand grip (or supinated grip).

Smith Machine Bent-Over Row

A Smith Machine row exercise option may be a good choice for individuals who are just starting out or fairly new to strength training.

T-Bar Row

This exercise can be performed as seen above (i.e. using a Landmine set-up) or some gyms may have a seated or prone machine version of the exercise.

Cambered Row

This is a nice, supported training option that can be performed with a barbell, dumbbells or kettlebells.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you’ll try one or a few of these training option in your next strength training program. For best results, look to add a rowing option mentioned here as well as a vertical pulling exercise. This would be considered either a lat pulldown, chin-up, or pull-up as a few examples.

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