New JeFit App Feature: Group Exercise Contest

JeFit is offering a Group Exercise Contest using their award-winning strength training & planning app. The format is basically the same as any previous individual contest. The group contest, though, can have 2-5 people in a group to compete against other groups. The contest will focus on using Jefit app iron points system.

Jefit Group Contest Requirements

**First, make sure you have the latest version of the Jefit app before joining the contest (iOS version 11.1 or newer and Android version 10.89 or newer).** Also, you can manually force an update to version 11.1 from the app store if it’s not available yet. 
  • The purpose of the group exercise contest is to help users form a good workout habit, connect with friends and family while working out, or help their family and friends resume workouts as many gyms re-open.
  • The group contest begins July 15, 2021.
  • The contest will run for 3 months
  • Results, including team score and ranking, will be updated on a daily basis.
  • Only admin user (the creator of the group) can join the contest.
  • If admin leaves the contest, the second user will become the admin.
  • Jefit will still have the individual contest, but each user only can join one of the contests.
  • The same rules apply using the iron points system.

Group Contest Features

  • The theme is basically the same as the current individual contest using iron points system.
  • All JeFit users can join either the group or individual contest.
  • Use total iron points earned during the contest to rank groups.
  • Contest group: Limit to only 5 members in each group, and will need at least 2 members to start the contest.
  • All members can send join group invites, and one user can receive multiple invites.
  • All users can switch between individual and group contests with iron points that they earned during the contest, but can only join one at the time.
  • Regular group: Users can join unlimited regular groups, and no member limit in each group.

Contest Rewards

Group Exercise Contest Rewards: (for all members in the group)
Top 1-3: Will receive a 1-year of Jefit Elite
Top 4-10: Will receive 6 months of Elite

Award-Winning Jefit App

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