4 Great Core Exercises You’re Probably Not Doing on Jefit

The reason why the blog title includes “you’re probably not doing” is because each of these core exercises have been downloaded only a few thousand times. More popular exercises, found in the Jefit app exercise database, have been downloaded 1-2 million times. Take a look at each one and see if one or more works for you. Before you do that see how many of the five exercises below have been in any of your recent Jefit strength programs that you built or tried. These are the five most popular core exercises, all have more than one million downloads to date.

  • Air Bike
  • Leg Raise
  • Decline Crunch
  • Hanging Leg Raise
  • Oblique Crunch

Each core exercise listed above is beneficial when performed correctly. Now, take a look at the core exercises mentioned below and let us know, in the Jefit community, if you agree about their value. If not for you, what other exercises would recommend to a Jefit user.

Dragon Flag

The dragon flag is considered an “expert” level exercise in the Jefit database. This challenging movement has been downloaded only 3,244 times to date. The exercise is shown first in the series of photos below.

How to Perform:

1.) Start off laying on a decline or flat bench and grabbing the end of it behind your head with both hands.

2.) Squeeze and create tension throughout your body so that you are able to feel your muscles and abdominals tighten

3.) Then from the starting position swing your feet upward so that your body is almost vertical.

4.) Keep your abdominals tight and your entire body as straight as possible as you are pointed up in the air.

5.) Hold this position for as long as possible, squeezing your muscles and abs as much as you can.

6.) Once you complete your repetition, slowly lower your feet towards the floor in a controlled manner.

Trainer Notes:

– It is important to brace your core prior to attempting all of these core exercises. You need to maintain this throughout the duration of the movement.

Oblique Crunches with Bench

This exercise, also known as elevated side bridge, in another efficient core exercise. This will work your obliques and also your deep back muscles, like your quadratus lumborum. The oblique crunch with bench, again, has been downloaded minimally (3,618) so let’s change that (exercise is shown in middle photo).

How to Perform:

1.) Start by placing a flat bench in front of you, then rest one are on the bench while extending your legs out, one foot on top of the other, in front of you until your body is parallel with the floor.

2.) While keeping your arms rested on the bench, elevate your body through your pelvis as this will be your starting position.

3.) From there lower your pelvis down towards the floor until you feel a stretch in your abdominals.

4.) Hold onto this position for a count then return back to the starting position.

5.) Repeat for as many reps and sets as desired.

6.) Switch sides and repeat.

Trainer Tip:

– It is important to make sure that your legs stay extended out in front of you and arm stays rested on the bench.

– The only movement that you want to make is within your obliques and pelvis as they extend down towards the floor and back up with each repetition.

Plank with Side Kick

The third and final exercise is one of the best anti-flexion core exercises, plank with side kick. The exercise has been downloaded 4,061 times to date. Keep in mind when you perform this movement. The exercise is shown third in the series of photos.

How to Perform:

1.) Start off on your hands and toes in a modified push up position.

2.) Take one of your legs and bring them out to the side of your body, keeping it parallel to the floor, and hold for a few seconds.

3.) After feeling a stretch in your core, bring the leg back to the center and then return to the floor.

4.) Repeat this motion with the opposite leg and alternate.

Trainer Tip:

– There should be no movement in your hips or back, other than hip abduction with a straight leg, when executing the movement.

Push Up to Side Plank

The push up to side plank is a personal favorite. It is one of those core exercises that offers a lot of bang for the buck. The movement targets the chest, core and shoulder. The end phase of the exercise is shown above in the blog post main photo. The exercise has been downloaded only 2,930 times. It is a fantastic bodyweight exercise that you can add to any circuit or interval program on the app.

How to Perform:

1.) Start off in a push up position on the floor with your toes extended out and arms at shoulder level.

2.) Once in position perform a push up and then quickly come back up, but shift your weight to one side of your body twisting to one side and bringing the arm on the twisted side up towards the ceiling.

3.) Hold this position for a count then return back to the starting position for another push up.

4.) Repeat for as many repetitions and sets as desired.

Trainer Tip:

– Hand placement is important for this exercise because immediately following the push up phase you’ll go into an extended side plank. Also, keep your head in alignment throughout.

Try one of these four or another core exercise, that you have not previously tried, in your next Jefit strength training program.

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