Get Strong Abs With These Jefit’s Core Programs

Got strong abs? Looking for strong Abs? Jefit has a series of programs called Core Challenge. The three free programs are geared towards all fitness levels. Each of the programs take about 15-30 minutes to complete. A nice goal for a program, in terms of a way to progress, is to have it become more of an individual challenge or competition with the Jefit community and friend groups. The idea is to see how quickly a user can move through the program based on time and challenge others. With that said, you can also try the new Jefit Assessment found on both iOS and Android platforms. One of the three tests is a plank challenge.

The series of programs that make up the three core routines include 5 to 10 exercises with between 10-15 repetitions depending on the level. The exercise selection includes a wide array of bodyweight exercise as well as the use of some equipment like medicine ball, stability ball.

Beginner Level: Core Challenge 50

As the name implies, the beginner-level routine includes 50 total repetitions using 5 different exercises. The five exercises that make up this routine are basic core exercises. The list of exercises include Crunch, Oblique Crunch, Heel Touches, Reverse Crunch and Air Bike, also known as Bicycle Abs. The goal is to perform 10 repetitions of each exercise. No exercise equipment is needed to execute this routine. A good goal to strive for is less than 15-minutes to complete. When this routine becomes less challenging, progress to Core Challenge 100.

Intermediate Level: Core Challenge 100

Following completion of Core Challenge 50, it’s now time for a new challenge, where the number of exercises and repetitions both increase. This program utilizes bodyweight only and no equipment is necessary. Some of the exercises do, however, are more challenging, such as V-Ups, and Leg Pull-ins. As the title suggests, expect to perform 100 repetitions spread over 10 different exercises. A respectful goal for this routine is under 30-minutes to complete.

Want Strong Abs? Work on Finishing Core Challenge 150 in 30-Minutes or Less!

The Core Challenge 100 will push most people. The Core Challenge 150 is a whole different ball game. The number of exercises may stay at 10 but the number of repetitions increase to 15. Exercise equipment is also brought into play for this routine (see below). In regard to exercise selection, you’ll find Ab Rollout, Double Leg Hundred, Weighted Russian Twists, Stability Ball Pull-ins and V-Ups, to name a few.


  • Weight Plate (or substitute medicine ball or dumbbell if no weight plate is available).
  • Cable machine (or substitute and exercise band instead).
  • Olympic Bar (22 or 45 lbs. – or substitute with an Ab Roller, Stability ball, for Ab Rollout).
  • Stability Ball
  • Medicine Ball

A Quick Word on Nutrition

There have been plenty of articles and scientific research published showing all the sit-ups in the world are not enough to get ripped abs. Any well-designed, long-term training program that focuses on execution and technique, will eventually develop strong abdominal muscles. The key ingredient to get ripped abs, though, is to eat a clean, healthy diet that focuses on reducing highly processed foods and added sugar. Eat real food. Sounds easy but this is where most people drop the ball.

A Strong Core

There are more than 35 muscle groups that make up the core. You need to move beyond simply sit-ups or planks (unless you have back issues) in order to get strong, ripped abs. Incorporate various movement patterns into your core work. Instead of doing traditional sit-ups (spinal flexion), add in movements that involve lateral flexion, rotation (Russian Twist), anti-rotation (Palloff Press), stability training (Plank variations) and combinations of these movement patterns.

The three new Jefit core routines focus on doing this – especially Core Challenge 100 and 150. Some of the exercises are perform while lying down (to save time). A well-rounded, functional program would include more standing exercises like the medicine ball slam found in the advanced 150 program.

Perform a Plank for time before you begin to use any of these routines. Use a routine 2-3x/week over 4-6 weeks and try that timed Plank exercise again. You may be surprised at how much easier it is to now hold. Stay Strong and Eat Clean!

Use Jefit for Your Strength Training Needs

Try Jefit app, named best app for 2020 and 2021 by PC MagazineMen’s HealthThe Manual and the Greatist. The app comes equipped with a customizable workout planner, training log, the ability to track data, audio cue tips, and a feature to share workouts with friends. Take advantage of Jefit’s exercise database for your strength workouts. Visit our members-only Facebook group. Connect with like-minded people, share tips, and advice to help get closer to reaching your fitness goals. Try one of the new interval-based workouts and add it to your weekly training schedule. Stay strong with Jefit.

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