Develop Muscle Strength & Size with 3 Useful Tricep Exercises

For those looking to build arm size and strength, tricep development is important. The three heads of the triceps make up between 55-75 percent of the upper arm, depending on who you believe. So it goes without saying, if you want bigger arms you need to work the elbow extensor muscles, aka the tricep muscles. The good thing is they get plenty of work assisting in exercises like bench press and shoulder press. Here is an interesting research paper that discusses this topic more in depth.

Exercises like bench press variations, shoulder press and push press are also great ways to develop the upper body including the tricep muscles. Here are three great exercises that emphasize the tricep muscles that make up the posterior aspect of the upper arm.

Barbell Tricep Extension (Supine)

Dip (Bodyweight, Assisted or Weighted)

Cable Rope Tricep Pushdown

Final Thoughts on Tricep Exercises

There are many great arm exercises that can be found in the Jefit exercise database. For a more overall focus on the posterior arm, you can use compound exercises such as bench press, shoulder press and push press exercises. Additional auxillary lifts are a great option to any strength program. Our three, barbell tricep extension, cable pushdown and dip, may be a good place to start.

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