Double Iron Points on Referrals This National Fitness Month

May is National Fitness and Sports month, and to celebrate we’re giving away double iron points on referrals. Through the end of the month we will be rewarding users with 3200 iron points (8 weeks of Elite!) for each friend they recruit that also becomes active on JEFIT. To become an “active user” your new recruit will need to consistently workout for 2 weeks straight (minimum 3 workouts each week). On top of double iron points, you’ll also be able to see your friend’s workouts in app, pushing both of you to workout harder and compete. Recruit your friends to start building healthy habits or to start logging their workouts and maximizing their gains.

Follow this guide on how to invite friends on iOS or Android and start earning iron points today. After earning iron points turn them into Elite membership at 400 points per week and enjoy our paid service for free! Follow the steps below to find out how to turn your iron points into Elite membership.

  • Navigate to the profile tab and then tap on your iron points.
  • Tap redeem in the Top right corner
  • Choose how many weeks worth of points you would like to redeem.
  • Note: You have a total number of iron points and “Consumable Points”. Only consumable points can be redeemed for Elite membership.
  • Tap the redeem button below where you entered your number of weeks.

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