Four Great Dumbbell Exercises for Building a Strong Back

Dumbbell exercises are so versatile and are a must have for any gym, personal training studio, or sports performance training facility. They are an ideal compliment to barbell exercises, especially when it’s a compound movement. They are also perfect for working on unilateral strength with exercises like one arm dumbbell rows. We are going to look at dumbbell exercises for the back muscles.


More on the dumbbell deadlift exercise technique can be found here. An ideal compound exercise which targets the hip and back extensor muscles.


The dumbbell shrug is an exercise that pinpoints the upper back, targeting the upper trapezius muscle and with heavier dumbbells, you’ll improve grip strength as well.

Bent-Over Row

The dumbbell bent over row is another popular compound exercise. If this is too challenging on the low back, try a one-arm dumbbell row where one hand will support the body.

Pull-Over on Stability Ball

The dumbbell pull over exercise works the back, chest, shoulders and arm muscle groups. The primary mover, though, is the latissimus dorsi, the largest of the back muscle. The exercise can be performed off a bench or in this case, a stability ball.

Final Thoughts

The four dumbbell exercises for the back are movements that will stress all aspects of the back. There are many other great exercises to choose from that can be found in the Jefit exercise database.

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