Want to Build Strong Forearms? Try these Jefit Exercises

Maintaining a strong, powerful grip is crucial when it comes to mortality and strength training. There is an abundance of research showing strong grip strength equates to living a longer, healthier life. Jefit has put together a list of some of there better forearms exercises for you to add in your next program.

Anatomy of the Forearm

It is important to target the three layers of muscles that make up the forearm in your strength training programs. There are 19 unique muscles that comprise the forearm. Eleven of which are classified as extensor muscles and eight belong to the flexor group. There are five muscles that specifically move the forearm. These are the:

  • Pronator teres
  • Pronator quadratus
  • Anconeus
  • Brachioradialis
  • Supinator

Great Forearm Exercises

The following list includes just a few of the many great forearm exercises at your disposal. In addition, there are many other exercise, like weight carries and cardio exercise like rowing that will strengthen your forearms as a by-product of performing these exercises and more.

Forearm Exercises

  • Barbell Palms Down Wrist Curl
  • Barbell Palms Up Wrist Curl
  • Cable One-Arm Reverse Curl
  • Cable Reverse Grip Curl
  • Dumbbell Standing Reverse Curl
  • EZ Bar Reverse Grip Curl
  • Smith Machine Behind the Back Wrist Curl
  • Weight Plate Pinch
  • Wrist Roller
  • Kneeling Forearm Stretch (Perform this stretch before/after your sets)

Stay Strong Together

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