12 Years and Still Going Strong

JEFIT is celebrating its 12th birthday this Friday, July 15th. Over these 12 years JEFIT has seen incredible growth as an app and as a community. Thank you for being part of this journey and helping to build it into what it is today. Below we take a look at some of the major improvements we’ve added over the years. We also peak at a major update on the way.

Streamlining The Workout Process

A barrier in using a phone app to assist with workouts is making sure the phone isn’t in the way. To alleviate this we’ve implemented many features to limit the need to directly use your phone during your workout. Audio Cues were designed so that you don’t need to constantly stare at your phone to know when your rest timer or interval mode workout is done. Professional Audio Cues were created to provide more details on the exercise without slowing down the workout. We also added personal audio cues which give the user control over the cue. Lastly, and perhaps most significantly, we developed watch apps for iOS and Wear OS allowing everyone to track their workouts directly from their wrist, eliminating interactions with the phone entirely. Each of these developments allow people to choose their preferred method of logging without breaking up their workout.

Empowering the Community

Another goal we have worked hard on this year is bringing the community closer together. One of the features we released recently that has helped with this is the Q&A section. We have already seen so many great interactions. Community members constantly sharing their experience and knowledge to help others in a variety of ways. From workout tips to nutrition tips, or from finding motivation to understanding your body we have seen community members altruistically lifting each other up.

What’s on the way?

One major feature we have been working hard on recently is adding in a coach marketplace. We want to empower community members further in two ways. Allowing members to begin selling their expertise and knowledge as an experienced coach or trainer. As well as helping others find someone to help guide their fitness journey. In-person Personal trainers can be expensive, but sometimes we have some in-depth and personal fitness questions that can only be answered by someone more experienced. This is where Jefit coach mode can bridge the gap between solo workouts and personal training. We envision a variety of services being offered at a fraction of what traditional personal training costs. If interested in checking out the feature, we recently opened up a featured coach marketplace that is accessible on Android (or an Android emulator like Bluestacks) via the coach button on your profile tab.

How has your fitness journey evolved over the last 12 years? We want to see what changed for you, tag us on instagram with some pictures from your fitness journey.

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