3 Meal Delivery Companies to Know About

Many people are trying to prepare meals at home as best they can since they now have more time on their hands. Some people, however, either don’t like or don’t know how to really do this. Even if they do, the meals aren’t alway prepared healthy. It would be nice to just open up a box with everything already prepared. You need to just warm it up and eat it. No thinking or prep needed. A good alternative may be a subscription-based meal delivery service. There are actually some very good meal delivery companies offering good healthy, options during this pandemic.

Meal Delivery: It’s Like Having Your Own Personal Chef

Many people like to cook and even grow some of the food they eat, I know we do at my house. There are times though when you just don’t want to cook anything after a long, stressful day. That’s one of the many benefits of having a go-to meal delivery company on speed dial. The following meal delivery companies come highly recommended. Two of the five I’ve actually tried and both are very good depending how much meal prep you want to actually do. I’ll begin with the one we’re actually trying now in our home.

Daily Harvest

We’ve had some experience with meal delivery companies dating back a few years now. So, this time around we were looking for a healthy option, that would not break the bank, was organic and required minimal or no meal prep. The Daily Harvest, founded in 2014, meets all those requirements for us. As their site states, “it’s good, clean food.” Their meals consist of a lot of fruit and vegetables. There is no meal prep on most meals, they are ready to go and come in microwaveable containers. Just 5-6 minutes in the microwave or a minute in a blender for the smoothies. They are currently offering $25 off the first meal delivery. You can cancel anytime after your first delivery.

Daily Harvest breaks down their menu into 8 categories that includes:

Harvest Bowls
Oat Bowls
Chia Bowls

This morning I actually had one of the Oat Bowls and really enjoyed it. I added an additional 1/2 banana and a couple of strawberries to it. The bowl was a Cinnamon & Banana Bowl. The night before I added some almond milk and let it sit overnight in the refrigerator. The bowl (net weight 5.5 oz or 157 grams) was very tasty and satisfied my hunger until lunch time (thanks to all the fiber). The bowl was 360 calories (plus the additional calories I added on my own via fruit & milk). The ingredients were all organic, had 13 grams of protein, and 10 grams of fiber, no trans fat or cholesterol. Their harvest bowls are also organic, healthy, contain no added sugars and tasted delicious.

Cost: The cost is $69.75 for 9 smoothies a week ($7.75 per smoothie), $89.88 for 12 smoothies a week ($7.49 per smoothie), or $167.76 for 24 smoothies a week ($6.99 per smoothie).

Purple Carrot

This is another very healthy alternative to trying to do it all yourself. Purple Carrot is a Boston-based meal delivery company, founded in 2014. Their meals are very tasty and 100% plant-based. I liked them so much I got involved with the company a few years ago as an Ambassador. One of the great thing about this and the other companies, is their clean ingredients. They are typically organic and fused together with other great, unique ingredients to create wonderful meal combinations. There is meal prep involved with some of the meals. They offer $25 off a first delivery and charge no shipping & handling on deliveries.

Cost: a Purple Carrot shipment costs somewhere in the range of $72 to $120. Dinners cost between $8.99 and $10.99 per serving. The more servings you order per box, the lower the cost per serving

Every Plate

This is one meal delivery service that I have not personally tried but was chose it because I’ve heard good things about it and they are the most affordable. A typical meal company deliveries their meal for about $7-9/meal after you break it all down. Every Plate lowers that price to $4.99/meal making it more affordable for most people, especially in these tight economic times. There is a $8.99 charge for shipping & handling. The meals, according to their website, do take about 30-40 minutes to cook. There are 8 recipes to choose from along with one premium. The company launched in 2018.

Cost: Individual meals cost $4.99 and you can choose between 2-4 people. You choose between 3, 4, or 5 dinners for a given week. Do the math.

You work very hard when it comes to trying to get or stay in shape driven by your Jefit workouts. Proper nutrition is critical to enable high-energy workouts. As you know, the other two “ingredients” needed for a strong body (since we’re talking food here) are high quality sleep and nutrition. If the nutrition component is difficult for you then a subscription-based, meal delivery service, may be just what you and your body need at this time. Stay Strong!

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