Want to Build Strong Shoulders? Try these Jefit Exercises

One of the keys to developing strong, powerful shoulders is to make sure the rotator cuff is also part of your training routine.

What Muscles Make up The Rotator Cuff?

There are four muscle groups that make up the rotator cuff. An easy way to remember this group is with the acronym SITS. This stands for: (1) supraspinatus, (2) infraspinatus, (3) teres minor and (4) subscapularis. These muscle perform either internal and external rotation in addition to assisting with other movements. Here are just a small sample of Jefit exercises that are associated with strengthening these particular movements.

Cable Internal Rotation

Cable External Rotation

Dumbbell External Rotation

Why is it Important to Train the Rotator Cuff?

According to James Dreese, MD, an orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist at the University of Maryland Medical Center and Kernan Hospital, exercising your rotator-cuff muscles provides a threefold advantage: Improved muscle strength, decreased muscle fatigue and stronger tendons. “Research has shown that muscle tendons that are regularly exercised are stronger and less prone to injury than those that are not,” he says.

Shoulder Exercises

Having a strong rotator cuff will help with athletic movements or activities that you’re involved in. A strong rotator cuff will also be beneficial with shoulder work done in the gym or at home. Use a dual approach whenever you work the shoulders. First the rotator cuff, even if it’s only as a warm-up, followed by your shoulder work. Finally, it is important to train each of the three muscles that make up the shoulder; the anterior, medial and posterior aspects of the deltoid.

Here are a few Jefit shoulder exercises using different types of equipment. Try a few of these in your next strength training program.

Exercises Using a Barbell

Barbell Jerk

Military Rear Press

Barbell Push Press


Alternating Bent-Over Reverse Fly

Dumbbell Alternating Deltoid Raise

Dumbbell Bent-Over Reverse Fly


Cable Bent-Over Lateral Pulley

Cable Supine Upright Row

Machine Reverse Fly


One-Arm Floor Press

Kettlebell One-Arm Push Press

Kettlebell Seated Press

Exercise Band

Band Reverse Fly

Exercise Band Shoulder Press on Stability Ball

Exercise Band Lateral Raise

Stay Strong Together

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