No Gym While Traveling? Try this Bodyweight Exercise Plan

We have all been there before, traveling for business or on vacation, and there is no gym available. Jefit has you covered with some great bodyweight exercise plans in their database. Taking time off from exercise can be a great thing when traveling. This is for those who just need to get a little something in to “hold them” until they get back home to their routine. We will show you some of the best bodyweight exercises and programs (according to number of downloads) that you can do while away from the gym.

12 Bodyweight Exercises

  • Bridge (glutes)
  • Reverse Hyper (glutes, hamstrings)
  • Rear Lunge (legs, glutes)
  • Double-Leg Butt Kick
  • Back Extension (prone)
  • Plyo Push-Up (chest)
  • Handstand Push-Up (shoulders, arms)
  • Air Bike (core)
  • Alternating Reach and Catch
  • Bird Dog
  • Mountain Climber (cardio)
  • Side Bridge (obliques)

Jefit Bodyweight Programs

The following exercise routines are featured on the Jefit app. Give one a try and follow it for a few weeks when looking to change things up from traditional strength training plans. Programs making our list below are routines that have been downloaded more than others by the Jefit community.

  • Bodyweight Circuit Program
  • Beginner Yoga Poses
  • Bodyweight Only
  • No Equipment: 30-Minute Session
  • 20-Minute HIT Circuit
  • At Home Workout Routine

Final Thoughts

The purpose of this article was to feature, in our opinion, some of the best bodyweight exercises. In addition, we wanted to show the more popular bodyweight exercise programs featured on the Jefit app. The majority of these training programs have been downloaded more than one thousand times by the Jefit community.

Stay Strong Together

Millions of members are having great success using our app. Jefit is a strength training app that comes with an advanced customizable workout planner, training log, and the ability to track data. Take advantage of Jefit’s 1400 exercise database for your strength workouts. Visit our members only Facebook group. Connect with like minded people, share tips, and advice to help get closer to reaching your fitness goals.

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