Strong Core: Four Effective Exercises for Bullet Proof Abs & Back

When in doubt about how to best work the the abdominal area, think about two these things. One, continue to challenge yourself using different movement patterns and of course the second, pay close attention to diet. How you fuel your body is extremely important for bullet proof abs and performance alike. When looking for unique ab exercises to stimulate the core, try the following movements. Perform each core exercise with a back exercise using a superset format. This is basically, back-to-back sets with minimal or no rest between sets. Make sure the following types of movements are in some of your future training routines.

Movement Patterns

  • Trunk Flexion (example: medicine ball slams)
  • Rotation (example: cable rotation (stability ball)
  • Lateral Trunk Flexion (example: dumbbell side bend)
  • Stabilization (example: plank)
  • Anti Rotation (example: cable pallof press)

Effective Ab/Back Superset Plan

Try the following Jefit core program incorporating supersets with abdominal and back exercises.

Forearm Plank with Hip Abduction

The first exercise to try in our quick routine is a plank with a hip abduction. When you perform any movement, while holding a plank, you end up challenging the core that much more. In this case, the movement is a sidekick, otherwise known as as hip abduction. The range of motion used by the model in the Jefit video is well beyond what most can manage. Perform the movement in a very slow and controlled manner. Average hip abduction is about 45-degrees. Just do it slowly while keeping the core engaged. Some trainers place a tennis ball or wooden dowel on the low back for their clients. The idea is for the object to not move or fall off. Keep the body as straight and as still as possible. From a side angle, you should be able to draw a straight line through the ankle joint/hip/shoulder/ear.

Bird Dog

Following the plank with hip abduction, position yourself on all fours in a quadruped position for the bird dog exercise. When performing this exercise using the Jefit app, alternate between the left and right side (as seen in the video below). Meaning, perform a repetition extending the right leg/left arm and then switch to left leg/right arm, that is considered one repetition. The exercise should be performed in a slow, deliberate manner with minimal trunk movement. Once you have extend both leg and arm, hold the position for 2-3 seconds before returning to the floor.

Barbell Ab Rollout

For the barbell ab rollout, it’s very important to draw in the navel towards the spine to help maintain a neutral pelvis. Focus only on your core as you extend then pull back the body. If this exercise is too challenging, it can also be performed with the knees on the ground. Keep the eyes looking down at the floor throughout the exercise, do not extend the neck.

Back Hyperextension

Each person’s range of motion is different for this particular exercise. Remember to focus on the glutes and back as you pull from flexion back into extension to complete a repetition.

Beginner Exercise Routine (Example)

  • Forearm Plank with Side Kick (Superset with) Bird Dog – 2×12 each
  • Barbell Ab Rollout (Superset with) Back Hypers – 2×10
  • Instead of sets/repetitions you can also perform each for a set amount of time, like 30-seconds.

Final Thoughts

This is a nice combination of core exercises that take advantage of supersets. You can also move through this and other training routines at a faster rate by working opposing muscle groups as this short routine does.

Stay Strong Together

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