Best Leg Machine Exercises When Free Weights Aren’t Available

Free weights are the first choice for many experienced gym-goers. There are times, though, when leg machine exercises are all that you have available. Machine based exercises can also have their place in the exercise world. There are segments of the population, like novice gym enthusiasts, or maybe an older individual may feel much safer on this type of equipment in general or when starting out.

For the purposes of this article we will look at leg machine exercises for the bodies largest muscle groups, the legs. Did you know one of those muscles, the quadriceps, is the strongest and leanest muscle in the whole body? In terms of a percentage of total body weight, the “quads” make up about 10-11 percent of our overall bodyweight. Now for those leg machine exercises.

Leg Extension

The leg extension is in the top spot in the Jefit database for all machine, upper leg exercises. You also have the option to perform single-leg extensions as well.

Hack Squat

One of the best compound leg machine exercises to do is a hack squat. The movement is typically performed facing out (as in the video above). You can also switch thing up and face towards the machine, Finally, you can use the machine as a single-leg exercise product.

Leg Curl (Prone)

The machine leg curl, in a prone position, is the third most popular machine leg exercise in the Jefit database. It has been chosen ten thousand more times in workouts compared to its counterpart, the fourth most popular exercise, the seated leg curl. You also have the option of performing a single-leg curl as well.

Leg Press

A go to leg exercise for many gym-goers out there.

Smith Machine Leg Squat

Lastly, the smith machine squat is a safe alternative for some who, for whatever reasons, can’t do do free weight squats.

Final Thoughts

The following five machine-based exercises can be found in many strength training programs around the country. Free weights rule this space for sure but do your leg muscles really know if resistance is being applied by a free weight or machine?

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