Take on the Chicken Leg Challenge

Join JEFIT’s 4th monthly fitness challenge, available on iOS and android, the Chicken Leg Challenge! Find extra motivation to mix up your workout routine and focus on your upper body. No need to sign up to participate, just log 20 reps of one of the below exercises on 21 different days in August. To get the most out of the challenge push yourself to try new exercises and mix up your routine. You may even find your new favorite exercise that spices up your routine and motivates you to hit the gym. Complete the challenge and you will be rewarded with an exclusive in-app badge that will never be available again! Show off your dedication to fitness and your consistency with JEFIT. Keep reading below for more information on this month’s fitness challenge.

How to Find the Chicken Leg Challenge Page

  • Navigate to the Discover tab and then tap the “Chicken Leg Challenge” button
  • This brings up the Fitness Challenge hub where you can see more information on the contest rules, your progress, and the prizes.

This month includes a variety of upper body exercises, helping you workout more without fatiguing your muscles. Track and log your workouts as you normally would, while adding an additional set of 20 reps of the exercise of your choosing. You can visit the Monthly Fitness Challenge page to check your progress. Check back on the first of each month to see what the next challenge will be!

Easily Add this list of exercises to your workout routine

If you’re an Elite member you can copy a day of a workout plan to your favorite routine. This allows you to add the full list of eligible exercises as an additional day in your workout routine. This way you can choose which exercise you want to try on the fly; log it and earn your credit for the day. Non-elite members can still download the workout plan and set it as their active plan to use it.

  • Navigate to the discover tab and tap on the Chicken Leg Challenge.
  • Scroll down to the recommended workout plans
  • Select the Jefit Upper Body Challenge workout plan and set it as your current plan.

  • Navigate back to the my plans section within the workout tab
  • Tap the three dots next to the workout plan for the day. (note: if you click on the three dots for the workout routine you will duplicate the entire workout routine as opposed to adding one day of this plan to your current workout routine)
  • Tap copy and select the workout plan you’d like to add these exercises to.

Now you can easily choose from the list of eligible exercises without leaving your workout routine. Pick one, complete 20 reps, log it, and end the workout and earn your credit for the day! Now see how quickly you can complete the challenge! And no – you don’t have to skip leg day to earn the badge.

Full List of Eligible Upper Body Exercises:

Muscle Group Exercise
Triceps Dumbbell Tricep Extension
Triceps Cable Reverse Grip Tricep Kickback
Biceps Cable Biceps Curl
Biceps Dumbbell Alternating Bicep Curl
Back Dumbbell Deadlift
Back Assisted Hyperextension
Shoulders Barbell Military Press
Shoulders Cable Lateral Raise
Chest Cable Cross-Over
Chest Dumbbell Bench Press
Forearms Dumbbell One-Arm Reverse Curl
Forearms EZ Bar Reverse Grip Curl

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