Want a Stronger Back & Grip? Pulling Exercise Options

The exercises featured in this article will target primarily the back muscles with a bonus of improved grip strength. There are many different types of pulling exercises, from a vertical and horizontal standpoint. Think vertical pull for exercises like lat pulldown and chin-ups. While an exercise like seated row is considered more of a horizontal pulling movement.

Pull-Up: Towel Grip

A great way to work grip strength into your pull-ups is to use a towel. Place the towel bar over the pull-up bar and grasp both ends of the towel with your hands.

Lat Pull-down

Considered one of the better vertical pulling movements after both pull-up and chin-up. When performing any version of the lat pull-down, focus on retracting the shoulders blades prior to executing the movement. A good option for this exercise is to switch out the handle and use a rope.

Cable Straight Arm Pushdown

This is an exercise some people may not be aware of. It really isolates the lat muscle. The action you are performing is shoulder extension.

Machine T-Bar Row (Reverse Grip)

Cable Seated Row

Final Thought

Here are five efficient pulling exercise options for you to try. Add one or two to an upcoming strength training program for a stronger back and grip.

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