How to Join the Motivational Quarterly Group Challenges

JEFIT hosts group challenges once per season giving users the chance to earn Elite for free. These group challenges are designed to encourage users to interact with the community all while focusing on their fitness goals. Join a team and compete for points against other teams within the JEFIT community on iOS or Android.

How to Participate in Group Challenges

Once you have joined the contest you can earn points from the following actions.

  • Training and logging your workouts
  • Sharing progress pictures for votes (before and after pictures typically get the most votes)
  • Inviting friends both gets you points for them joining and from their social interactions

You can track your points in the daily contest page and compare your ranking to other teams on the contestant page.


  • Top 3 teams: 1 Year of Elite membership
  • Teams 4-10: 6 months of Elite

How to Join Group Challenges:

  • Navigate to the discover tab and click on the button for the Group Challenge.  Note: If you have worked out many different muscle groups recently you may have to scroll to the right to find the button.
  • Once on the Group Contest screen, tap the “Sign up for the (current season) Group Contest” button

The group contests provide a great sense of community and motivation to continue reaching for your fitness goals. We can’t wait to see you there!

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