Use the Referral Program to Earn Free Elite

Enjoying your experience with JEFIT? Interested in earning an Elite membership for free? With our referral program you can! Refer a friend to JEFIT and earn 1600 free consumable iron points which can be redeemed for 4 weeks of JEFIT Elite!

In addition to the free Elite membership, you will also be able to monitor each other’s progress and compete in group contests together. Comparing gym habits has never been easier; compare workout routines, reps, weight lifted, and more!

How to use the Referral Program

  • Navigate to the Profile tab and tap on Friends/Messages/Groups
  • Tap on Find Friends
  • Tap “Get Free Elite By Inviting Friends” and continue by choosing the contacts you would like to invite. You can invite them through the app of your choosing (text, social medias, etc).

The referral program is a great way to earn free Elite membership, but it’s also great for the group challenges. The referral program can be a very effective method of getting the extra points you need to edge out the competition.

There’s no cap on how many friends you can invite to earn Elite membership through our referral program so invite away! Many users find there’s nothing more motivational than having a buddy to compare and compete with. If your friends aren’t gym-goers head over to the community section on the discover tab to see how other JEFIT users are working out.

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