4 Pull-Up Exercises to Build a Strong, Powerful Upper Body

When looking to change things up from traditional pull-up or chin-up exercises, try the following variations. Changing up either the movement pattern, hand placement or adding a rope or towel, will in turn impact on the training stimulus. Here are four pull-up/chin-up variations to try when you feel like traditional pull-up exercises get easier.

Benefits of Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups

  • Develops a strong back.
  • Improves grip strength.
  • Strengthens more than the back. Also works the chest , shoulders and arms,
  • Muscle activation research comparing the pull-up and chin-up suggests the chin-up works the same muscle groups as the pull-up, albeit with a greater emphasis on the biceps and pectoral muscles and slightly less emphasis on the latissimus dorsi and lower trapezius.

Climber Pull-Up

Alternate between pulling up to the right and then up to the left. This is a great pull-up variation and an excellent option for rock climbers.

Gorilla Chin-Up with Crunch

Rocky Pull-Up

Notice the hammer grip, palms facing each other.

V-Bar Pull-Up

Place a V-bar across any type bar. Take hold of each handle and pull the body upward, pulling your head to one side of the bar. Slowly lower the body to the starting position. As you perform the next repetition, pull the body and head to the opposite side of the bar. Alternate to the right and left side. See the Jefit exercise here.

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