Back to the Gym: Two New Jefit Strength Programs

It has been over a year in the making, and all of a sudden there are many more happy people around. The reason is because gyms are open again! Now gym goers can get back to what they love doing, sweating in the gym. Jefit, an award winning strength training planning & tracking app, is trying to do their part. They have developed two new strength training programs to help everyone ease back into the swing of it at the gym, health club or home.

The two new programs the Jefit team recently created are the 3-Day Split Program and Dumbbell Full Body Workout. The first program is an off-shoot from a workout published by Jefit a few years back with a similar name. That particular program is the most viewed and downloaded strength training program in Jefit’s 11-year history.

Take a look at both of these free training programs and download one now. Give it a try to help get back in shape for your mid Summer push. Let us also know what you think of each program. For best results, stick to each strength program for 4-6 week following the prescribed number of training days.

Two of the Many New Jefit Strength Programs

3-Day Split Program

This is a 3-day split routine. It is considered an intermediate level strength programs.

This program builds off the original 3-day Split Routine published by Jefit a few years ago. That routine, by the way, is the most viewed and downloaded program in Jefit’s 11-year history.

In this new, updated, 3-Day Split Program, you’ll work each major muscle group at least once throughout the week. The idea is to make sure your training volume is high to ensure you sufficiently overload each muscle group.

There is also an optional 4th workout session, in this program, that targets two body parts twice. Keep in mind it’s optional.

The routine is split by specific muscle groups on various days:

Chest & Triceps: Day 1

Back & Biceps: Day 2

Legs & Core: Day 3

Optional Workout: Day 4 (Repeat one from above each week)

You have the option of repeating one workout (listed above) twice during each week that you’re on the program. Jefit recommend following the strength programs for 4-6 weeks.

For example, in the first week, you can repeat chest and triceps again on day 4, in order to target these areas twice. The following week, add in back and biceps a second time. Finally in week 3: work legs and core twice.

Each week, you’ll complete a 10-minute bout of cardio post workout on day 3 (legs and core).

DB Full Body Workout

This 3-day dumbbell strength plan is for a beginner or intermediate level gym-goer. Each of the three weekly sessions include nine exercises. The average workout time is about 50-minutes. Each day also includes multiple supersets to help you get through each workout session a bit faster.

Use Jefit to Plan & Track All Your Workouts

Try Jefit app, named best app for 2020 and 2021 by PC MagazineMen’s HealthThe Manual and the Greatist. The app comes equipped with a customizable workout planner and training log. In addition, the app has ability to track data, offer audio cues, and has a feature to share workouts with friends. Take advantage of Jefit’s exercise database for your strength workouts. Visit our members-only Facebook group. Connect with like-minded people, share tips, and advice to help get closer to reaching your fitness goals. Try one of the new interval-based workouts and add it to your weekly training schedule. Stay strong with Jefit as you live your fitness lifestyle.

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