5 Popular Exercise Programs Featured on the Jefit App

There are currently more than two thousand exercise programs featured on the award-winning Jefit app. Rather than cycle through each page on the app or website to find “some” of the more popular program in “General Fitness”, we’ve done the leg work for you. The website breaks down the total number of programs into beginner, intermediate and advanced level. Programs are placed in one of four categories (see below). In this blog post, though, we’ll focus on the first category only. After the title of each programs, you’ll find the total number of downloads and views for that particular program as well as a brief synopsis.

Jefit Exercise Sub-Group Listings

  • General Fitness
  • Bulking
  • Cutting
  • Sport (specific)
FitBody Plan (Downloads / Views: 139 / 16,123) Intermediate Level

This intermediate exercise program offers two training sessions that can be done 1-2x/week. Meaning, two session or repeat for 4 sessions/week taking a rest day between each workout. The goal of this plan is to build a general base-level of strength across all major muscle groups.

The program routine includes two training sessions that look like this. On Day 1, you’ll focus on the legs, back, core, and chest. While Day 2 targets the shoulders, core, and arms.

Nutrition Tips

Really pay attention to your diet while following this exercise program. Eat whole foods while consuming plenty of healthy carbs, fat, fiber and at least 1 gram of protein/kilogram of body weight. Supplement meals and all workouts with a whey protein drink. Make sure it contains the amino acid – Leucine in it. Use 30-40 grams/protein in any protein drink. Drink plenty of H2O and get 7-8 hours of sleep.

Bodyweight Home Circuit – Level 1 (Downloads / Views: 88 / 15,887) Beginner Level
Program Description

This is a good first step to take if you’re looking to start an exercise program. All exercises featured in this two day a week routine utilize only bodyweight.

As with any new exercise program or when you’re coming to the game with minimal experience- “always err on the side of caution.” Meaning move slowly through the routine and make sure you’re warmed up before starting.

This program has only two circuits or rounds – compared to three – found in Level 2 and 3 of this program. When this routine becomes less challenging for you – progress to Level 2. Good luck – be well and stay strong!

Dumbbell-Only Full Body Home Workout (Downloads / Views: 9,165 / 600,809) Beginner Level

For many individuals they aren’t able to afford a gym membership or aren’t able to get to a gym; thus this routine provides a full-body, 3 day split where an individual can target all of their body parts and either gain/maintain muscle mass. It focuses upon heavy lifts and around 3 to 4 sets with 10 reps per set to increase muscle mass and gaining during exercise performance.

Machine Only Beginner Workout (Downloads / Views: 7,343 / 445,391) Beginner Level

This is a machine-only beginner workout for those who are just starting to get into the gym, only have machine equipment or possibly for those who feel intimidated going into a gym. Exercise machines are great for isolating the muscles and allowing the individual to use a weight that they feel comfortable with to achieve the results that they desire.

This routine is to be performed 3 days a week, as it is a beginner routine, and there are 3 separate whole body workouts that an individual can use on the days that they workout. Each exercise chosen targets and isolates the muscle that is being performed to help build strength and achieve muscle growth or toning (depending on what the individual is trying to attain with their workout).

Getting Ripped (Downloads / Views6,576 / 160,196) Advanced Level

This is a 5-day exercise program will help build muscle while also shedding off unwanted poundage to get ripped.

On Mondays/Wednesday and Fridays you will be targeting your chest and arms. The only change in the routine that you will see is that for each day, the chest exercise changes from flat bench to incline bench to decline bench. This is done so thatyou hit all of the individual parts of the chest muscle throughout your workout routine. For Tuesdays and Thursdays, the main focus will be targeting the back and leg muscles through the use of major muscle building exercises. Saturdays and Sundays are used as rest days to provide proper rest time for the following weeks worth of exercises.


As this is a muscle building and strength gaining routine, the main focus is to perform around 10 to 12 reps per set and doing about 3 to 4 sets per exercise. This will ensure optimal muscle growth as well as calorie burn for fat loss.

You aren’t performing each exercise individually but you are performing every exercise in a super-set. So the first two exercise in the workout day are in a super-set, followed by a 3 + 4, 5 + 6, 7 + 8, 9 + 10, 11 + 12 and then finished by cardio. Performing super-sets throughout the entire routine will keep your heart rate and intensity up throughout your entire workout, thus triggering muscle growth and fat loss.

Additional Information

Cardio is performed at the end of each routine to increase the amount of calories burned for the overall workout. This will help you attain that ripped look that you desire. Intensity is key throughout this entire workout, this is why we keep the rest time to around 15 to 30 seconds so that you are always keeping your heart rate up and consistently lifting weights.

As to any cutting routine, diet is KEY. You need to eat a healthy, clean and strict diet to maintain proper calorie intake to stimulate the fat loss you are looking for. Heavy carbs and processed foods should be stayed away from at all costs while trying to lose weight. You can have a carb heavy meal once a week to help spark an increase in metabolic rate.

Use Jefit App for All Your Exercise Needs

Jefit is a strength training app used for planning & tracking workouts. It also helps gym goers and athletes keep on track with their fitness goals. Not only does it offer you the ability to update and share your workout log with a supportive community, it has the largest exercise library that covers both weight training and cardio.

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