Challenge Your Consistency With a Solo or Group Contest

Looking to find more motivation to push harder in your fitness journey? Just looking to add some fun into your workout routine? Look no further than the solo or group contests! Earn points and compete for prizes, all while just working out as you normally would. These contests are great motivation not to skip a day as you don’t want to let your team down or lose your position in a close battle. The prizes are pretty impressive too, with the opportunity to earn up to a full year of free Elite.

You can only join one of the contests, but both have the opportunity to win prizes. Each contest also provides a slightly different experience. The solo contest is great for comparing your workout habits to the rest of the Jefit community while the group contest comes with a strong motivation to not let your team down. Regardless of which contest you choose you’re bound to find some additional motivation and fun in the process.

Group Contest User Testimonials

What did you like about the group contest?

  • “I knew that consistency and engagement was super important for the contests.”
  • “I like competition in general so it sort of gave me something to look forward to beyond my normal workouts.”
  • “It seemed that the contest rewarded behavior we were all engaging in already so sticking to that was easy.”

 Was the group exercise contest motivating?

  • “having teammates kept me more accountable.”
  • “What I do find motivating is the social aspect of Jefit. Seeing other peoples workouts, commenting on them and receiving comments from others.”

Did it help your training for those 3 months?

  • “I didn’t want to let my teammates down. It got me up and to the gym more than once.”

Have you participated in a solo or group contest? Let us know more about your experience in the comments!

Do You Have Feedback on the Solo or Contest?

Leave a comment or send us an email telling us how the solo contest has helped you along your fitness journey. Email:

Last Contest’s Winners

Check out the winners of our last seasonal contest. All of these users won free Elite for 6+ months!

Signups Close For Solo and Group Contests On 10/31

The seasonal contests have a limited signup window so be sure to start building your group or enlist solo today. Find out more information about how to join the competitions here.

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