How to Build Single-Leg Strength: There is an Exercise for That!

There are many different single-leg exercises that can be added to a leg exercise workout, like a lunge, pistol squat and step-ups, to name just a few. Another great exercise that you can add to that list, is the Bulgarian Split Squat.

Photos of Bulgarian Split Squat

Exercises that focus on each individual leg are known as uni-lateral leg exercises. They are important to do for many reasons. First life and all athletic events are based off moving from one leg to the other. Compared to using both legs, as in a barbell squat, which is known as a bi-lateral exercise. Performing exercises that stress and place the focus on each individual leg, can offer insight into any deficiencies between legs. For example, calling out any strength or balance differences between right and left sides of the body is important to know, especially for a trainer or coach.

Video of Bulgarian Split Squat

A few key points to focus on when performing this movement. Maintain a “tall” upper body during the exercise, to begin with. Keep head and chest up throughout each repetition. There is a slight lean forward when performing the up/down movement. Focus on pushing the foot through the floor while engaging the core and glutes.

Final Thought

As we mentioned previously, there are many single-leg exercises to choose from in the Jefit exercise database. Next workout though, give this exercise a try and see what you think. In our opinion, like a pistol squat, the exercise can tell you a great deal about your lower extremity strength. In addition, it offers a nice look into hip and ankle mobility, balance and core strength.

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