Routine Sharing Code and How To Generate One

We’re always looking to make it easier to interact with friends on JEFIT. One example of this is our addition of routine sharing codes. Each custom workout routine has a code associated with it, this helps to make sharing your favorite routine even easier. Simply generate the code, share it with a friend, and when they search for the code in the workout library, your workout routine will pop up. Follow the below steps to generate a routine sharing code for your favorite custom workout. This method also works great for sharing your workout routine on social media – friends and followers can easily find your workout routine without memorizing the entire name of the routine. Note: routine codes are currently available for custom built workouts only. See more on sharing pre-built routines below.

How to Generate the Routine Code

  • Navigate to the custom workout plan you want to share.
  • Set it as your current plan.
  • Tap the “Share” button on the right, then tap “Through Link”.
  • If prompted to publish your routine, publish it first. Note: if the publish button is there – you have to publish the routine before you can share the code. The displayed code will not work if the workout routine has not been published.
  • The code below the QR code can be used to share your workout routine.

Many of us enjoy the pre-built workout routines that Jefit has to offer. If you’d like to share one of these workout routines with your friends you can do it by sharing the link associated with the workout. Tap on the QR code to copy the link and then paste it where you’d like to share it.

Now that you know how to generate the code or link, spread the workout routine that has worked for you! Share your code/link on Instagram for bonus entries into our Stay Strong Together Summer Giveaway for your chance to win some of our new merch!

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