Major Feature Update: New 2023 HD Video Exercise Demonstrations

We’re jumping into January with a big announcement, we’ve completely re-recorded most of our exercise videos! Now you can enjoy clear-shot HD demonstrations of any new exercise you want to try, now complete with a secondary angle for better form checks! Head over to the exercise library today to check out our new high quality video demonstrations!

Keep Things Interesting While You Tackle Your New Year’s Resolution

Finding new exercises to add into your workout rotation is a great way to keep things interesting. Find new exercises that work out some potentially neglected secondary muscle groups. These often forgotten muscle groups could be the key to unlocking a new 1RM for some of the major compound exercises. Jump into these new exercises with confidence after watching the new HD demonstrations from multiple angles, helping you perfect the form before your first attempt.

Not Elite but curious about the new exercise videos?

We have one final sale event that ends on January 1st. Take advantage of this opportunity to lock down Elite for the year while you tackle your New Year’s Resolutions. Want to check it out before you upgrade? Head over to the iron points redemption section (Discover tab, tap on your iron points, then tap redeem) and try out a 7 day free trial! You’ll receive access to all of Elite’s premium benefits by simply redeeming 1000 iron points. This includes everything from premium workout plans, to audio cues, to the new HD video demonstrations.

Still only seeing the old videos?

Head over to the profile tab and resync by tapping the button in the top right corner. Your app will download the new videos and you should be able to access them!

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