Strong Core: Four Functional Stability Ball Exercises

It is always a good idea to change things up at times especially when it comes to exercise routines. Once the body adapts and becomes stronger, it may be time to add-in a new training stimulus to the mix. Especially when it comes to the core. Adding a prop, like an exercise ball, helps create an unstable surface and, in turn, makes your core work that much harder. Here are a few exercises to try, all you need is time and a stability ball.

Stability Ball Pull-In

What is great about this particular core exercise is when it becomes less challenging, simply add in a push-up after each pull-in.

Stability Ball Back Extension

Focus on contracting the glute and back muscles as you move through your range of motion while performing back extension.

Stability Ball Rollover

This is an exercise that you have to work on not using momentum to perform the movement. Focus on pulling from your abs, pause at the top, then slowly lower the ball back to the starting position, stop, and repeat.

Stability Ball Bridge

Think about really pushing the lower legs into the ball as you are performing hip extension, this will engage the glutes and hamstrings. Then raise the body ooff the floor until the ankles/knees/hips form a straight line.

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