Want Bigger, Stronger Arms? Try These 3 Exercises

Everyone would like to have them. Most people, however, don’t work hard enough to get them. Bigger, stronger arms that is. Like any other muscle group, the resistance has to be challenging enough to push out about 3-4 sets for 8-12 repetitions. When muscles adapt and become stronger over time, it’s time to change things up. Meaning, try heavier weight while decreasing the repetitions to 6-8, as one example.

Here are a few of Jefit’s favorite arm exercises. Let us know, in the Jefit community, if you agree or have a completely different thought in terms of some of the better arm exercises. Note, we understand, like you, that one of the best arm exercises is the barbell bicep curl. We are looking to highlight additional training options beyond this exercise.

Dumbbell Concentration Curl

Pay close to your grip – keeping it relaxed – while focusing on only the biceps to perform the pulling motion. Eliminate any momentum during the exercise. Thi scan be done by pausing for 1-2 seconds at the top and bottom of each repetition.

Dumbbell Hammer Curl

Barbell hammer curls are also great but the dumbbell version allows you to focus on any individual arm strength discrepancies. Once again, not too tight of a grip so you can really activate all the forearm muscles like the brachioradialis muscle.

Barbell Spider Curl

One of the keys to performing this bicep curl exercise optimally, is to prevent the elbows from moving back as the weight travels upward.

Final Thoughts

There are of course many great arm exercises that can be done to work the biceps and forearm muscles. Try one or all of these and see how you make out in your next Jefit strength training program.

Stay Strong Together

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