Four Cable Exercises for Bigger, Stronger Shoulders

One strength training product that gets a great deal of use, and for good reason, is the cable machine. Most of this type of related equipment, offers a great deal of versatility in terms of training options. For example, by adding an adjustable bench or stability ball to the mix you can multiply the number of exercise options. Adjusting the height of each pulley will also redirect the focus of the exercise. Here is a short list of four of our favorite cable shoulder exercises as selected by the Jefit staff.

Cable Lateral Raise

This exercise can be performed as a bi-lateral exercise (as shown above) or switch to using one arm to make it a great uni-lateral exercise. The model in the photo is leaning forward slightly, and in turn, ends up stressing more of the posterior deltoid. Performing the exercise while seated upright will place the focus on the middle or lateral head of the deltoid.

Cable Upright Row

This can be a nice exercise when performed correctly. Some fitness organizations have made the upright row a contraindicated exercise because it can impinge the shoulder capsule. This can be true, when the weight is pulled too high. Remember to end each repetition with the elbows higher than the hands. You have to shorten the range of motion a bit. Do not pull the bar above the lower part of the chest to be safe. The same would apply to a barbell or dumbbell version of the exercise. If a person has any type of pre-existing shoulders issue, it may be prudent to skip this exercise.

Cable External Rotation

The four muscles that make up the rotator cuff, hold the head of the humerus in place while performing internal and external rotation. Internal and external rotation exercises will improve the integrity of the shoulder. Make sure you work both of these exercises on a regular basis, they will keep the shoulder joint area healthy, and in turn, enable you to lift anything overhead more easily.

Cable Seated Shoulder Press

Shoulder press is great bi-lateral training option to add to any strength training routine. As you get more comfortable with the movement, kneeling on one knee or sitting on a stability ball can be substituted. Eventually progress to a standing variation of the exercise. When performing the seated shoulder press version, remember to engage the core and do not lean back when pushing out repetitions.

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