Beta Testers Get Early Access To New Features!

In exchange for helping the JEFIT team review the latest app updates – beta testers receive early access to new features. While these updates are less stable than our official production releases; beta testers have the opportunity to help provide valuable feedback before the product is released to the general public. Note: features that are limited to Elite users will require a membership in order to access it, even in the beta.

If you would like to opt in as a beta tester please keep in mind that you will likely experience a technical bug at some point. To join, please follow the instructions below.

How to Join the JEFIT Android Beta Testers.

Join JEFIT Android Beta directly from Google Play on an Android device. (Click this link to join)

How to Join the JEFIT iOS Beta.

1. Download the app “TestFlight” from the iOS App Store.

2. After installing “TestFlight” , click this link to join the beta testing program.

Beta testers should receive an invite to our Beta Testing slack channel where they can provide feedback directly to our team. If you have opted in to our beta but have not received the slack invite, please reach out to

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