Build Stronger Hips with these 4 Hamstring Exercises

When people think about building stronger hips, the glute muscles usually come to mind first. Another important area, though, for building and maintaining hip strength, are the hamstrings. The glutes are the biggest prime mover in hip extension, but the often neglected hamstring muscles are also important. Developing additional hamstring strength improves knee flexion and hip extension.

Jefit takes a look at how you can develop more hip strength using bodyweight, exercise props, free weight and machine exercises.

Bodyweight: Single-Leg Squat

For more information on this great bodyweight exercise, single-leg squat (aka pistol), check out the Jefit advanced exercise database.

Stability Ball: Single-Leg Hamstring Curl 

A great uni-lateral exercise that targets the hamstring muscle group and more.

Barbell: Bulgarian Split Squat

A fantastic exercise to add to your next strength training program. It targets many different muscle groups due to triple flexion/extension at the ankle, knee and hip, including the hamstrings.

Machine: Leg Curl

Move between leg curl, as seen above, and single-leg curl in your strength programs for best results.

Final Thought

We have presented four exercises that work the hamstrings as well as other muscles in the lower body. Each in their own right offer great benefits when performed regularly. Add one or two of them to your next strength training routine.

Stay Strong Together

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